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Hacker used to mean someone who likes to tinker with software or electronic systems. They enjoy learning and exploring how computer systems operate.
Today, hacker is someone who maliciously breaks into systems for personal gains as we see in the news.┬áMedia called them as hackers, instead of crackers, which cause ‘hackers’ to have negative connotation.
Good hackers now called ethical hackers or white hats to separate them with bad hackers or black hats (which by public called hackers).
Ethical hacker is penetration tester to ensure the security of an organization’s information systems, as on Wikipedia.
The difference between legal and illegal hacking is if the access to a system is authorized. If yes, the hacking is ethical and legal. If no, it’s illegal and will be charged.
In this site, we will learn how to be ethical hacker from just our basic knowledge of computers.

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