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Hacking steps

We could stop and prevent hackers by firstly knowing how they hack into our system.

Hacking steps

1. Information Gathering

Target URL /IP address, domain name, physical location, operating system; the more information about target, the more number of attacks hacker can launch. Information gathering included footprinting, port scanning, fingerprinting, banner grabbing and etc.

2. Vulnerability Assessment

This vulnerability means a problem (bug, glitch, or misconfiguration) which allows a system to be attacked or broken into. Vulnerability assessment is process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities of a system.

3. Search and Build exploit

An exploit is a piece of malicious code which takes advantage of a vulnerability in a software application, usually the operating system, web browser, or web browser’s plug-in.

4. Attack

Launch the attack

5. Maintain Access

After having remote access, they place a root kit or Trojan virus for easier future remote access.

6. Covering tracks

Covering tracks is a process to clean all sign of the hacker by deleting all history logs of target’s system.



Hacker used to mean someone who likes to tinker with software or electronic systems. They enjoy learning and exploring how computer systems operate.